Five hundred million rounds of golf are played by 23 million golfers on 18,000 courses annually. 
The numbers of players have gradually increased over the past 10 years which means by 
the year 2000, there will be a 30% increase in players! Keeping up with these new players is 
simply a matter of satisfying a demand and supply.

Best Golf Services Pte. Ltd, .is ready to keep up with this tremendous growth by 
assisting our clients in closing and developing successful projects. These projects 
are going to need to be positioned with the appropriate financing alternatives in the 
marketplace. Best Golf Services Pte. Ltd, is currently working with a number of 
lenders and financial alternatives in the marketplace, and would like the opportunity 
to demonstrate to you these alternatives for your golf membership aquisition and sale.

Have you ever dreamed of playing on a championship golf course? Have you ever 
watched a Celebrity golf tournament and thought, "What would it be like to play 
on the course?"

Now try it with us,

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